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Referral Reward Program
(Being an Affiliate with our High Potential Educational Programs)


1. Why Do I Tell Him/Her?

If you have a friend who is frustrating looking for a suitable education program because he/she wishes to have his/her qualification upgraded to fulfill his/her transition life goals, will you recommend him/her to a qualified and professional education consultant who has enough experience and knowledge to help him/her figure out an effective way to achieve his/her heart-stirring goals?

We are here to provide fair advice and professional assistance in order to help our students make the right choices. The University programs we are representing are provided by those recognized higher educational institutes around the world whose programs have already accredited by world-known and widely accepted accrediting bodies. Most programs featured themselves with blended learning models combining online study and face-to-face tutorials in Hong Kong venues that allow the learners take control on the pace of learning and give them freedom and flexibility in their study. The study models not only bring benefits to  studying time but also to the program fees. Again, we will only choose the educational institutes owning accreditations issued by recognized granting bodies and some of them are country-based and/or local accreditations in the field. Looking in the past, students who had enrolled into our programs saw high passing records and had graduated successfully. I can boldly say that this may most probably be attributed to our professional and dedicated work of our education consultation team. They always have a ready heart and love to help out and coach our students on their studies wholeheartedly since our consultants wish everyone study with us succeed in lives and careers without wasting too much of time and resources. 

2. What Happens When I Refer?

To be the referee or an affiliate, any students referred by you will be entitled 5% off the program fee. The students will immediately enjoy lower tuition fees once they make the applications by just presenting your REFERRAL CODE. On the other hand, we are giving out a referral reward of HK$1000 to you for each successful application you refer that is to acknowledge your effort and support to our programs, the amount with cash form will be credited to your account in due course. The aim of this remuneration is to encourage you as our individual affiliate to help more of your friends by showing them more different opportunities. At the same time, we also want to let our students save more, enjoy more efficiency, and have more pleasure in their journey of university studies. If you are interested in the program, please take action to submit the form below. Or you want to explore more business opportunities with us, you can also use the form below and tell us you want an organization partnership. When you are considering becoming our strategic cooperation affiliates, we will contact you to discuss the attractive cooperate affiliation plan.

1. 為何我要推薦?

如果你有認識的朋友, 他/她現在正煩腦於如何選擇適合自己的學位課程, 是猶疑自己有否能力完成艱深的學科, 或者是考慮進修的學費問題, 甚至是那一所高等學府最能切合自己現時的需要, 無論他/她的目標是為了準備工作上的升遷, 是純粹想提升資歷, 或是有其他人生計劃需要靠一個高等學歷完成, 作為朋友的你會給他/她一點 忠實的意見嗎?

我們誠意為你和你朋友提供不偏不倚的進修建議, 透過我們十多年來在教育工作上的專業, 經驗, 和熱誠, 期盼能協助朋友們按自己的情況能力做適合的選擇, 以免浪費金錢和時間, 我們的學位進修課程主要是代理由不同城市的高等學府所提供, 我們亦只會選擇具有其國家或本地認證的課程, 以遙距學習加上融合教育的模式考取學位, 讓學生利用自己最能掌握, 最便捷的工餘時間, 以最合理的價錢, 於大約一年內取得學位. 我們亦可預先評估學生的實際狀況, 協助學員豁免學分.  我們有專業和誠實的教育團隊, 用心盡力協助學生, 了解他 們的實際需要, 制定學習進度, 務求使他們順利達成目標. 

2. 推薦後會有甚麼發生呢?

申請成為我們的推介成員, 你將獲得一個推介編號, 記錄在我們的存檔內, 當每一個由你推介而來並成功地申請入讀的學員, 在報名時向我們提供你的推介編號, 都可立即享有全部學費的95折. 與此同時, 作為我們推介團隊成員的你, 為表示對你推介工夫的鼓勵, 就每一位由你推介而成功入讀的學員, 你將獲得港幣HK$1000 作為你推薦的報酬. 我們渴望能給予每位使用我們培訓服務的參與者得到最多的益處, 並享受在我們這裡學習的每個時刻. 藉著這個推介計劃, 除了讓你身邊的朋友選擇到好的服務, 你亦可藉著這個合作擴展成為自己的事業; 或者你是某個商會或學會的負責人, 有興趣跟我們合作, 我們並可為你的會員或同事制訂適合的學科, 歡迎你跟我們聯絡, 商討專為策略性合作伙伴而設的更高回報的推介計劃.


Higher Educational Institutes under our representation (推介代理之學院):

1.   University of Management and Technology enquiry page    美國管理科技大學查詢頁  

2. University of Sunderland enquiry page   英國新特蘭大學


Application for a REFEREE 申請加入我們的推介團隊

Name 姓名: *
Telephone 電話: *
Address 地址: *
Email 電郵: *
Status 身分: individual 個人     organization 機構  
Note: * Must fill in. (The data you provided will be used for this referral program only and will be treated securely.)

1. We invite individuals, organizations, and servicing parties with good reputation to join our referral team.
2. You will receive a REFERRAL CODE through emails after your application is approved.
3. Courses applicants who provide your referral code will enjoy 5% off the degree program fee.
4. You, as the referee, will receive HK$1000 for each successful application as the referral reward. Organizations will have another cooperation plan.
5. This referral program is now only available for residents in Asia (such as Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan) 
6. Referees outside Hong Kong will receive the amount of rewards excluding any bank charges through bank remittance.

1. 我們誠意邀請個別人士, 機構, 商會等各方的卓越人士申請加入我們的推薦行列.
2. 獲批選之推介人將收到我們經電郵發給之推介編號.
3. 任何報讀學位課程之申請人只要提供你的推介編號就可享有
4. 推介人將會就每一成功之推薦獲得HK$1000作為推介獎賞. 機構或商會可查詢另外的合作計劃.
5. 本推薦計劃暫時只適用於大中華及亞洲 (包括 香港, 澳門,  中國大陸, 台灣, 新加坡, 馬來西亞)
6. 推介人如非香港居民, 在收取推介費匯款時會扣除銀行費用.

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